Friday, October 26, 2018

Montgomery County Radiation Measurements State Small Cells Will Violate FCC limits within 11 Feet of small Cell Antenna

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Montgomery County Requested a Study of the Radiation Exposure from A Small Cell Site.
In Summary, the paper looked at several scenarios and found that a  worst case scenario  would have the radiofrequency radiation in excess of allowable limits until 10 feet away from the antennas.

"This paper examines the relationship between RF transmit power levels from a small cell antenna site and the power density level (or exposure) as a function of distance from that site. The
distance at which power density falls below the exposure threshold set by the FCC can be
calculated based on the total output power of the small cell site. This can be used to set a minimum distance between the installation and a dwelling in order to comply with FCC

In summary, for a hypothetical deployment of 3 carriers at a robust power level, in order to comply with FCC/FDA power limits, the antenna site should not be placed closer than 11 feet from a dwelling.

Exposure to the FCC/FDA power density limits of allowable radiation to people will be reached at 11 feet from the antenna or closer. This means that, in order to comply with FCC/FDA power limits,
 the antenna site should not be placed closer than 11 feet from a dwelling. At a little over 9 feet, the power level from the antenna is equivalent to power from a cell phone."

This means that radiation levels that exceed FCC limits are on our property! 
Citizens Note: The allowable radiation from a cell phone is higher than FCC Cell Tower Radiation limits  because our outdated government limits think it is OK to allow a lot of radiation from a cell phone into our body as they say it only reaches a small amount of tissue at a time in our head or hand- whereas allowable radiation from towers are for full body exposures. You would not want to allow the radiation from a cell phone to be all over your body as it is very high radiation to a large amount of tissue.  

See an example of how high the radiation is from a cell phone in the image below. After this video take a look at the radiation measured from a small cell antenna installation by a mother in New York who went around and measured the radiation from the small cells that were placed in her neighborhood.

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